Thursday, July 5, 2012

United States Green Card Lottery

US Green card lottery services


Using the US Green Card Lottery Website Effectively

If you visit the website for the US Green card lottery, it is impossible to miss the big red warning sign that warns you never to pay anyone to submit your official green card lottery application. It also stresses that the entire process is free and any fees are applicable only if you win the US Green card lottery. In spite of these warnings, many folks fall prey to scam artists that want to make a quick buck counting on the innocence of the poorly informed.

Another way that the scam artists can get you is by saying that they can constantly check your applicant status; which they insist that you will not be able to do on your own. The truth is that the US Department of State and the Bureau of consular affairs has its own website for the US Green card lottery and is constantly updating it for the latest news. For instance, this month the website has all the information that applicants are looking for if they applied between October 4 of 2011 and November 5 of 2011. It also asks that applicants retain their confirmation number in case they need it upon winning the lottery. Also for those that apply during this period, the website will allow them to check it until September of 2012 in order to make arrangements for the interview if applicable.

The website also has all the information that you will require to be randomly selected from the pool of eligible candidates. Note that this program is part of the United States department of state and the Kentucky consular Center. This was established in 2008 and exists for the express purpose of administering the US Green card lottery program. The website will also warn you that there are several similar sounding associations that claim to be directly involved with the lottery program but the truth is that there is only one Kentucky consular Center which is located in Williamsburg Kentucky and is the only body that has any authority over the program. Immigrants to the US that apply through the green card program do not have to go through any agency in order to send in the green card lottery application. The only instance where it may become necessary to get help is for filling out the forms involved if there is a language barrier that must be overcome.

If you must employ one of the services, remember that you are only paying for translation and in no way can any organization make your chances of winning the lottery better just by going through them. The website exists so that you may visit it at any time, especially with respect to using the FAQ on the website which will prove helpful if have questions about any of the forms.

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