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U.S. Diversity Visa lottery application

U.S. Diversity Visa lottery

us diversity visa lottery

Are there Legitimate Ways of Improving Your Chances With the US Diversity Visa Lottery Program?

While you have probably heard of the US diversity Visa lottery program, very few people know that you can apply for it even if you are already in the United States. The only criterion is that your country belongs on the list of eligible countries for the lottery program. A country can become eligible for this program based on how many emigrants have moved to the United States in the last five years. They are also some basic training and educational requirements that one must meet. These requirements are much lower than most other visa qualifications and only involve a high school diploma with five years of occupation in a recognized profession. Additional training is also helpful in the qualification process.

Diversity Lottery

Many also wonder about how much it costs to be a part of the US diversity Visa lottery program. This is an important piece of information, so pay close attention as you read this. Entering the pool for the US diversity Visa lottery should cost you nothing. That's right, it is absolutely free. The only time that you may be required to pay fees is when you are chosen by the lottery and are invited to interview. At this time you will be asked to pay visa processing surcharge fees which are required for just about any kind of visa you apply for. It is the poor understanding of this aspect of the visa lottery program that allows many applicants to be taken for a ride. There are many scam artists that prey on folks that do not understand the system as they dupe applicants into thinking that there is a fee just to apply for the US diversity Visa lottery. Unsuspecting folks pay up large amounts of dollars in the hope that they are one step closer to living the American dream. But in reality, even US immigration officials have no part to play in the outcome of the lottery. The results are completely at random as the computer picks qualified applicants from a pool. In order to maintain cultural diversity, the pools are separated based on the region from which the applicants originate.

United States DV Lottery

Another question often asked is if one can participate in the lottery system if one is not born in an eligible country. The truth is that if your spouse is from an eligible country you are eligible to apply as long as you are still married to him or her. If you are unmarried, it is sufficient if even one of your parents is from an eligible country. A husband and wife can apply separately if they qualify individually making the chances of winning the lottery better.

 us diversity visa lottery

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