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United States DV Green Card Lottery

US DV Green card lottery

United States Green Card Lottery Application

dv lottery

Educational and Employment Qualifications for a US Green Card Lottery Applicant

If you have always dreamed of living and working in the United States, it might be time to consider the US Green card lottery. But before you make a beeline to your closest US Consulate, stop for a moment and realize that you must first be able to qualify for it. Qualifying for this program is very straightforward as you must belong to a country that falls under their list of eligible countries and must have a minimum education of a high school degree. If you do not have one, it may still not be too late to obtain one so that you can qualify for the US Green card lottery program. Consider for a minute what you will stand to gain from a US green card as it will open up the entire world to you! So a year or two dedicated to obtaining your high school diploma is well worth the price of a US green card at the end of it all. If the thought of going back to school is overwhelming, just know that anyone in your family that has a high school diploma can qualify for this, just as long as you also qualify as a result.

US immigration policies with respect to US green card lottery applications are quite strict in that only a spouse and dependent family members can accompany the winner of the lottery for admission to the United States. If you have a family member such as a child who is over the age of 21, he or she would then have to apply under the "preference" category which unfortunately involves much greater wait times. It is in fact given the least priority when it comes to green card processing; so an individual may be looking at anywhere from 5 to 20 years before he or she qualifies.

Another big advantage of the US Green card lottery program is that you do not need a sponsor. With all other green cards, it becomes necessary to go through an employer or some other organization that can be considered the sponsor. Other immigrant visas include being a family member of a US resident or marrying a US resident. In the case of the green card lottery program, one does not need a sponsor and can apply solely on his or her own merit. But keep in mind that in the last five years the applicant must have been employed in a profession that is applicable in the United States. Ideally, this should also include a training period of at least two years. Online applications are encouraged but must meet all the requirements especially if supporting documentation is required.

Apply for the US Green Card Lottery

Green Card Lottery Application
dv lottery

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