Saturday, July 7, 2012

DV lottery

US DV lottery

Beware of US DV Lottery Scams

For many folks, the US DV lottery is the only way they can get permanent residence in the United States. If you are not well qualified and are unable to gain a job in the United States or enter the United States for higher studies, it is unlikely that you would be able to qualify for a green card. However if you belong to a country with low immigration rates to the United States, you may automatically qualify to apply for the US DV lottery if you meet some minimum qualifications. These qualifications are usually just a high school degree and a clean police record.

Unfortunately, due to the popularity of the US DV lottery, it is not uncommon for folks to take advantage of it and scam those that are not aware of all the regulations and guidelines of the lottery system. First of all it is important to note that the lottery is completely free of charge. But there are thousands of websites on the net that promise to get you a winning shot if you pay their fees. In people's eagerness to qualify and win the lottery, many have known to have lost thousands of dollars by trusting scam artists. While there are some businesses that allow non-English speaking individuals to decipher and understand the guidelines and rules, more often than not, these companies are running scams and taking innocent applicants for a ride.

Many websites collect hefty fees from applicants who are eager to apply for the US DV lottery, even when the application form clearly states that the lottery is free. The websites also claim that they can improve your chances of winning which is completely bogus as the lottery system is set up so that it is completely random. If a company is assuring you that you have a better chance if you go with them, walk away. There is no doubt that you are about to be scammed as nobody has any control over who will win the lottery. Perhaps, this is the beauty of the system so that just about every applicant has as good a chance as any other, irrespective of age, financial status, and race.

Another scam that people fall for is that the entire family will also qualify if the applicant goes through them. The reality is that if an applicant wins the lottery, his or her family will automatically qualify for an immigrant visa and to be allowed to travel with them to the United States except if the applicant's immediate relatives are over 21 years of age. In this instance, they will have to apply under a different category which can take a few years before being admissible to the United States.

United States D.V. Lottery Application

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