Sunday, September 23, 2012

2014 Green Card Lottery Opening October 2nd 2012

2014 Green Card lottery

The Annual US Electronic Diversity Visa Program is Opening to Accept US Green Card Lottery Applications on October 2nd for the 2014 Green Card Lottery.
The submission window for the US DV lottery will be open for approximately 30 days. ending the first week of November.
Applying for the US green card lottery is free through the official US Department of Travel website.
If you do not follow all of the  US green card lottery requirements when submitting your green card lottery application,
you may end up being disqualified from the 2014 Electronic Diversity Visa Lottery Program.

US Green Card Lottery Services

There are companies that provide professional Green Card Lottery services for a nominal fee.
Be careful when using any of these services as some have been depicted as green card lottery scams.
These Electronic Diversity Visa Programs, the real ones at least, take users information, review it, and submit the green card lottery application to the US government when the designated window of 30 days or so is opened. Some of these diversity visa lottery services will also reformat the headshot photos required with every US green card lottery application.

2014 US Green Card Lottery Application

Check to see if you qualify for the US green card lottery requirements
After checking if you meet the green card lottery requirements, you then have the option of applying for the green card lottery on your own ,
or you could use a professional Green Card Lottery Service. By using a service, you are allowing your DV lottery application to be reviewed by professionals,
which in turn, should help increase your chances of a successful green card lottery application process.

US Green Card Application

Fill Out The-  US Green Card Application

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