Friday, May 25, 2012

US Green Card Lottery

US Green Card Lottery

United States Green Card Lottery Application

What is Involved in Applying for the US Green Card Lottery

Many believe that the US Green card lottery is a quick way to make a truckload of money. But in reality, it has nothing to do with money and is not quick by any means either. Neither does it involve your standing in line to purchase it and scratching numbers like a Powerball lottery. This lottery is also called the diversity Visa lottery and is set up with the express purpose of increasing the cultural diversity of the United States. There are close to 50,000 US Green card lottery visas available annually and the only countries that qualify are those whose immigration rates to the United States are low. Many are unaware that the families of the applicants of the lottery are also eligible to enter the country along with them. Once the winner of the lottery is within the United States, he or she will have all the rights of an American citizen except the ability to vote in an American election and will be able to obtain a job immediately.

The US Green card lottery works very simply and is completely based on random picking of the winning applicant. Unfortunately, there are many websites that carry erroneous information about what it takes to qualify for this lottery. In fact, these websites also claim that they can make an individual eligible if they process the application through them. They charge enormous fees which have absolutely no bearing in truth because in reality the green card lottery is free of cost and should not have to cost anybody a penny. If you are contacted by a company that promises to give you a better shot at winning, turn tail and run. These websites are definitely trying to scam you so it is up to you to gather as much information as you can about them before you sign up. The truth is that there are legitimate websites which can help you decipher the application process if you are not comfortable with the English language. It is also understandable if they charge a fee for this but if they are promising you that they can get you closer to winning than anybody else can, that's pie-in-the-sky; this lottery is completely random and not even a US immigration official has the capacity to change the outcome of it.

What is important is that you qualify based on your education and skill level. In reality, in order to qualify for this, a high school education is sufficient. However what is most stressed on is that the applicant does not have a criminal record. Consider yourself automatically disqualified if you have a criminal history especially if it is felonies that you have committed.

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